IGEL Supports Crisis at Christmas

christmas_tagTechnology has a massive impact on all our lives but it’s hard to imagine how IGEL thin clients could help make a difference to the homeless in London over the Christmas period but thanks to the Crisis charity and the dedicated support of thousands of volunteers, it does.

This Christmas 340 IGEL thin clients were installed at 11 London Crisis Christmas Centres running throughout the holiday period from December 22nd-30th. As well as warmth, companionship and three hot meals a day, guests at the centres receive healthcare and specialist advice on housing, work and benefits and are encouraged to take up the life-changing opportunities on offer at Crisis centres during the year ahead.

The IGEL thin clients were used at each London location as Video Call Kiosks to allow homeless guests to get in touch with friends and family and to consult with Crisis specialists at other locations to help improve their situation. The remaining IGEL devices were used to provide access to email, word processing and collaboration tools to enable Crisis charity volunteers to communicate and identify shelter for homeless people over the Christmas period, as well as for homeless visitors to access the internet for information and communication. Across the country more than 10,000 Crisis volunteers assisted 4,500 guests over the holiday period.

The IGEL thin clients are part of the total IT solution provided to Crisis at Christmas by the Aimar Foundation, a charity founded to provide IT support to other charities. The Aimar Foundation funds and sets up the information systems network, with help from global IT companies and principally Morgan Stanley. In total, 200 technology professionals and volunteers set-up the vital communications network in a 48 hour period.

This was IGEL’s seventh consecutive year of involvement in the project and with the latest Crisis research showing one in three rough sleepers have suffered violence while homeless, I am proud of the small role that IGEL plays each year in this initiative. For more information about Crisis and its important work visit: www.crisis.org.uk

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