Why I Joined IGEL – It’s All About the Possibilities

[Blog Note: IGEL today announced the appointment of Douglas Brown as Global Technology Evangelist. Doug, a well-known thought leader in virtualization and cloud technologies and CTO, President and Founder of DABCC, will be actively working to elevate awareness for the IGEL brand with key influencers and within the global end-user computing community. The following blog articulates his perspective on this new position.]

I’m very excited to inform you that for the first time in a long time I will be taking a more expanded role in a company than I have with DABCC.com in the past. I will be joining IGEL Technology as their Global Tech Evangelist! My job will consist of helping spread the word about all of IGEL’s amazing technologies. Truly a pleasure and truly an honor… But you might ask… Why did I join IGEL?

Great question and I have an even better answer!

To know me is to know I love the idea of remoting. I’ve been in the “Citrix Space” since the very early days and built a vast community around my works from the earliest days through the past 18 years of running DABCC.com and all with the simple goal of sharing the idea that there is a better way to computer and that it is around Citrix, Microsoft, VMware solutions and the ideas of centralization.  Although, my passion did not start when I was introduced to Citrix but was founded when I was introduced to the “Computer” in the late 1970s through my father and the Mainframe. It was instilled in to my brain that distributed computing has issues and there is a better way to do it, called centralization.

Hence, over the past 20 years I’ve been promoting this idea yet I’ve always felt that there is a piece that has not grown in popularity the way it should have and one that has been with us since the beginning of the computer revolution but is not as sexy as a StoreFront server or the Citrix Receiver. In the Citrix world we talk about the XenApp, XenDesktop, the StoreFront web site and even the amazing power of the Citrix Receiver, but there is something beyond this artificial edge we have created, the actual desktop the end-user is using. Hence, since day one I’ve been a giant fan and huge advocate of the idea of a dumb terminal, thin client, zero client, whatever you chose to call it. They make sense to me and they should you also.

At Citrix Partner Summit we will hear all about how the idea of a virtual workplace is becoming even more mainstream. Almost every major company in the world uses some form of Citrix envisioned technology yet few realize the true cost saving, usability benefits, and down right ability to secure the device that solutions like what IGEL brings to market can provide them. The possibilities for a better way to compute are there and IGEL helps make this possible.

IGEL is also not just about thin clients, far from it. With a typical German Engineering mindset they have developed a management infrastructure that allows IT to completely control and secure the end-point.  Be that a thin client, as you might think of one, or a desktop turned in to a completely managed machine, using IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter or even their revolutionary new Micro Thin Client that boots from a USB Stick and can be taking with you on your keychain! All forms are managed, all secure, all powerful as German Engineering can make it allowing for the possibilities to take IT beyond the artificial edge of the Citrix Receiver to the true edge of the end-user. Citrix may talk about the HDX Pi and yes it’s cool, I have one too and I love it, but it comes with ZERO management and hence it is truly not a solution for the Enterprise.

Of course, I always hear that the Thin Client is not a sexy idea, or it’s been around, nothing new… This might be true to some but it does not negate the fact that by turning the end-point in to highly managed and very secure device solves real problems and saves real money to be used elsewhere!

In today’s world there is so much more… The world is changing before our eyes in ways we have only dreamed of. The mass adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded and almost everything we know is being brought online and sooner than later those devices will make their way in to the Enterprise. We are starting with light bulbs but tomorrow lord only knows. IGEL’s infrastructure was designed for this type of growth and devices. They are far from just a thin client vendor as you might think of one from the late 90s or 2000s.

The possibilities are truly vast. From the ability for companies to solve security, ease of rollout, replacement, and management, to the future of computing and beyond what we know today. Even helps make you green, it’s not easy being green. For the integrators it is a powerful solution to introduce to their customers to better manage the unmanaged and get a grip on security in an age where the incoming President of the United States Tweets nothing is secure. (I will need to introduce him to IGEL)

I’m a fan and have been for a long, long time. There are so many reasons why IGEL solutions are right for you and for the foreseeable future this will be one of my goals, to introduce you, to explain to you, to educate you and to ultimately help you solve IT’s problems with the help of IGEL’s simply amazing solutions! I’m excited!

And lastly, you might wonder, am I leaving DABCC.com? NO, Never! DABCC.com is me. I’m the DAB in the CC and we will continue to share with you the latest and greatest cloud, desktop, datacenter, mobile, security, storage and virtualization news and support resources from some of the most amazing vendors in the world today! DABCC.com will only get better, bigger and help you more! 2016 saw a ground up rebuild of DABCC.com and our mobile properties and in 2017 you will find even more amazing and awesome enhancements. Stay tuned! In our 18th year we are still growing and still helping you find the best of the best so you are in the know of what’s new and important!

That being said, stay tuned. There is a long coming! It will be an exciting 2017!

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