The Five Reasons Behind My Move to IGEL

[Blog Note: IGEL today announced the appointment of Simon Clephan as IGEL’s VP Business Development and Strategic Alliances. In this new role he will manage key partnerships and help grow the business into new markets, such as IoT. He will also be responsible for the integration of IGEL’s current and future solutions into key partner offerings, particularly for new markets and non-traditional VDI partners. The following blog provides insight into why he joined IGEL in this new position.]

You want to know the honest truth… well of course you do! So why did I leave a perfectly good job at LANDESK, to join IGEL?  For these 5 reasons:

  1. The People – Jed Ayres is putting together a team that it is impossible to deny is a top -notch group. And one thing I’ve learned over the past 30+ years in high tech, is that it is ALL about the people. I can’t wait to join this team of passionate, hard-working experts. Not to mention anyone specifically, but to be working directly with Doug Brown will be a joy.
  2. The Channel – Jed’s the master of the channel and programs, I have never seen anyone who knows so completely what it takes to motivate the channel. The channel, at least the good ones, “KNOW” their customers, they are the trusted advisors, and if you get them involved, motivated and incented to sell a quality product then the sky is the limit. The fact that IGEL has built a better “mouse trap” just takes the value of the channel a step further.
  3. The Future – I believe in the Internet of Things and no one is better positioned than IGEL, to take the mass device market by storm. With a “tight and light” Linux OS, IGEL can pretty much control anything, and more importantly enable the management of any device.
  4. The Software! – IGEL is a software company for managing countless, distributed devices, who just happens to have some market leading hardware. I look forward to the challenge of helping IGEL out of its “hardware” chrysalis, to become a fully-fledged software industry giant.
  5. “Start-up-itis” – I want to roll the dice again, and who knows maybe the 6th time is a charm, and I’ll finally get it right!

After seven and a half years (it was the best of times, it was the worst of times… sometimes!) at AppSense it is time to be moving on and trying something a little different. Besides, I really am a small company guy. So all-in-all I am thrilled and excited to joining Jed at IGEL and to be staying in the endpoint industry.

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