Thin Clients for Education as Easy as ABC

It doesn’t take long to learn that thin clients for the Education sector are a perfect match. It’s almost as if the natural benefits of a cloud or virtual desktop were made for the challenges of the classroom or lecture room.

After experiencing the ease of working with IGEL thin clients, our customer say things like:

“Our computers originally took around 15 minutes to load up which could affect teaching classes. With the new converted IGEL desktops we can load up the devices in under a minute.” – Head ICT at Liverpool College

“The IGEL thin clients were easy to set-up, use and manage. It takes longer to take them out of the box than to set them up.” – Director of IT for Montessori School of Antonio

So, here are five reasons why those responsible for IT in Education might want to consider thin clients:

Simple management

Thin clients cost the same or a little less than the average PC yet they are much easier to deploy and manage and last longer. Using IGEL Technology’s Universal Management Suite software thin clients can be up and running in minutes using the drag and drop and ppint and click interface to locate, configure, set-up and manage the device from one central location. The thin clients can then be simply plugged in and within minutes they are ready to go.

And there is no longer any need for those time draining desktop visits for updates and problem shooting. Updates and changes can be scheduled and managed centrally using the UMS and they can happen overnight when the desks are empty. If there are any user issues, then IT administrators can shadow or take control of the user’s desktop remotely to diagnose and solve the problem.


Security is a headache for all schools and colleges but using IGEL thin clients brings some major security advantages. As all the data is stored on the server, if a thin client goes missing then your information is still safe. And because thin client don’t work outside of their own IT environment there theft value is minimal.

The thin clients themselves are also much more immune to viruses and can be easily locked down to ensure web access is restricted or to ensure security over USB drives to prevent  undesirable content being uploaded.

Return on Investment

Although PC’s and thin clients can be similar in initial price, the return on investment from IGEL thin clients is much better. Devices can easily last 5-7 years, much longer than PC’s, and are more reliable because they have no moving parts to fail, such as fans and hard disk drives. In addition, the running costs of thin clients over PC’s produces significant savings in energy costs.

Perfect for Multimedia

In their very early form, thin clients were not great for use with multimedia but times have changed. Using all the latest protocols, including the latest VMware Blast, IGEL thin clients are designed to operate with all the latest applications and technology ensuring multimedia is smooth and fast. They are also great for customers that require multiple screens running from a single device.

Easy to switch

And finally, switching to thin clients from PC’s does not have to be time consuming and expensive. Using our simple Universal Desktop Converter software, you can turn old PC’s, notebooks and even competitor thin clients into IGEL-like devices in just a few minutes. This software thin client approach can extend the life of your existing hardware and rejuvenate the performance of the device – making the switch cost effective and pain-free.

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